Getting the Velvet Boot…..

Hmmmmmm….I actually retrieved my latest Sprint bill(sorry about the blacked out bits, but I didn’t want to bother you with my cell phone number), after hearing about Sprint’s new way to deal with “problem customers”. Hey Bob, let’s get rid of them! I’d love to see one of these letters, perhaps saying…”Dear customer, while we have valued your business over the years, it is clear that you’d be happier somewhere else, so get lost.”
I refer to it as the Velvet Boot because, these whiners are getting a month’s notice that they have to find another provider, and they get a free last month of service!
These customers are the ones who have called Sprint customer service(and not to compliment them on their fine work, presumably)more than 25 times a month, over the problems all cell phone owners deal with occasionally…dropped calls, billing problems, lack of service….you know. That’s almost one call a day…who has the time?
So I guess they figured these customers were costing them more than they were making them, so bye-bye chump.
It’s only about a thousand customers involved in this deal, not many in the great scheme of things, but has Sprint opened a Pandora’s Box?….A little thought crossed my mind like it did a lot of people’s probably…is that they way to get out of my contract? Call and complain a lot?
Hey, even if I desperately wanted out of my contract, and I do feel they’ll have me in servitude forever (it seems unavoidable if you ever get a new phone…whoops, new contract required), I wouldn’t have the grit that it takes to call them every day and go through that long process of winding your way through the maze of the automated phone system….”Tell me why you”re calling….just say billing problems, changing plans, products and services”. OK, that was a long sentence which revealed I have called them a few times….sorry.
Anyway, who has the time? A thousand people, that’s who. As far as I know, I’m not onoe of them.


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