Eating My Way Through New England

Hey, it’s not as hard to do as you might think…..great restaurants, cute little homemade ice cream shops, pie shops…..yeah, you see the problem. WHO can pass right by?
Here are some of the highlights, if you ever decide to make that foodie tour.

First stop….Cape Cod. Stayed at the Belfrey Inn in the little town of Sandwich. Loved the town, because it was a quiet haven compared to the crowded streets of Chatham. The inn(I’m sorry…INNE- why do people use olde englishe spellinge?) is actually a church, that’s been converted, with a terrific restaurant on the first floor and seven suites named Sunday, Monday, Tuesday….you get the idea, on the second floor. Great place.

Right next door is the Painted Lady. Sat on the front porch for dinner(that’ me on the porch, waiting for some froth or fire to arrive)….great food, pretty gardens, cool breeze=nice memory!

A should not miss stop….Twin Acres Ice Cream in Sandwich….

Ginger, toffee crunch, chocolate chunk…yummy. I might not have stopped except the lines there every night screamed, “Hey, lady, you’re a fool if pass on by.”

Another must eat….Marion’s Pie Shop in Chatham. Isn’t it just too cute? Wait ’til you get inside…

Blueberry pie, raspberry pie, the best key lime ever, and seven layer bars to die for. Fabulous, and right down the road is Luscious Louie’s, another unbelievable pastry shop on Main Street in Chatham, that made chocolate-caramel-pecan bourbon bars that I could never do justice to in words. So I won’t try, but I am gonna try to get the recipe, and if I do, I’ll pass it along. You’ll be my friend forever.


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