Happy Fourth of July!!

I love the Fourth of July…..no presents too buy, just lots of sparklers and barbecue. What’s not to like?
We’re spending this holiday out of our usual neighborhood conclave, with new friends, or people who are in the process of becoming new friends. My son’s girlfriend’s parents live in Pittsburgh, so I’ve never met her Mom, thought we’ve spoken by phone several times, and met here Dad once, briefly. So there is on everyone’s part, some nerves, when you will be with people you don’t know, for a couple of days.
Nerves for me, for them, and of course, for our kids, who hope we’ll like each other.
But I felt that, how could I not like people who produced such a lovely, funny, smart daughter? And that has proven to be true….we’ve been having a good time, on a beautiful lake, with the cool breezes blowing….don’t you love this weather??
So, it’s all good…all good.
And I hope your Fourth is as relaxing as mine, though now I need to go shopping for some ribs and chicken to barbecue. And I’m doing a great potato salad of sorts, from The Silver Palate cookbook, called potatoes Verchecio, or some silly name like that. You basically boil new potatoes until done, then half them and toss with olive oil, sea salt, finely chopped garlic, and chopped fresh mint. Sounds weird, but it’s delicious. Give it a try, if you want something different to the old mayo potato salad! Happy holidays…..


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