Color for the Hair Down Where???

Recently I was getting some much needed highlights at M Salon in Federal Hill….I know, you all thought I was a natural blonde….you did think that, right? Sure you did!
Well, as I was waiting for a young man to get out of Johnna’s chair(and I should add that Johnna is tres beautiful, so he was clearly in no hurry to vacate said chair), I wandered into their product area. And there I spied something I had never ever seen before.

Yep, color for the hair down there, let’s just call it HDT. I laughed out loud….it came in all colors…black, brown, but the hot pink really catches the eye….both in the box and elsewhere, I would guess. And M Salon strikes me as a place where HDT is somewhat of a threatened species. As a New York city gyn told me a couple of years ago when we were there doing a story about gyn makeovers(crazy as it sounds, it does happen), she said it had been years since she seen as she called it, “a full bohemian”.
Anyway, if need some HDT color, or a good gag gift, you know where to go.


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