Kitty on Prozac!

Katrina is 25 and a regular reader. I laughed out loud when I read it so I thought I’d pass it along….enjoy…

I loved your cutest kitty blog. I think I have the cutest cat in my house!! Not as cute as my two childhood cats. (My mom had to put Handsome Boy down a few days after you had to do the same. I was literally sobbing at my desk when I read it. Baby Girl is still going strong, but losing childhood pets is a huge reality check that I am no longer a kid anymore.)
ANYWAYS….I adopted Dolce from the Defenders of Animals Rights four years ago, and she is my little diva.

She only drinks cold running water, soft treats, Cat Chow food and if we don’t clean the TWO litter boxes EVERY day, she will pee right outside of it. BRAT! She has been “acting out” lately since I moved her into a new home, with two new people, and two cats that are mother and son. She lost all the hair under her armpit due to “stress.” $500 later the is on Prozac and we have Feliway ($50 each) plugged in all over the house to release calming smells for her. Honestly!!! What cat needs Prozac?? Little blue pills that I cut in half and twice a day and to somehow get her to swallow. I pick it up at the Safeway in Canton, and I start sweating thinking the pharmacist will says, “C********, your Prozac is ready.” I would say, “Oh this?? It’s not mine…it for my cat.” Everyone in line would say, “Ya right.”

Oh, Katrina, that is funny. But for those of you like me who had never heard of Feliway, I looked it up, it is a cat product that comes in a diffuser and a spray…and it does supposedly calm you cat and keep them from acting territorial. The reviews people gave on Amazon were pretty amazing. And I almost hate to tell Katrina this…I did find Feliway there for a little over 20 bucks!
And the pill business…From the top picture it apppears the Prozac is working…. Dolce looks….well…quite relaxed!


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