Jailhouse Beauty Secrets

OK, everyone agrees, that Paris looked pretty darn good, strolling the catwalk out of jail….smiling and slapping hands with fans. Photogs going crazy following their car down the freeway….what a scene!!Who couldn’t watch it?
The Sheriff tried to explain Paris’ radiance, by saying that any inmate being released can slip into the bathroom and professionally apply makeup. OK.
But were Cheeetos involved?? I thought I’d heard it all, but on Inside Edition, they revealed Jailhouse Beauty secrets, and I can’t wait to try them out!

Cheek color from Cheetos…who knew they had red dye all over them. And my other favorite, mixing Vaseline with pink Crystal Light…they put it on a model saying breathlessly, “Oh, that’s pretty.” Actually, it did look good, and I would guess it’s tasty, too. File that away for when I’m out of lip gloss.
And I discovered something….remember the Dream Catchers Hair Extensions van that pulled through Paris’s gate? Clearly the girl needed some extensions pronto, but what I didn’t know was that Paris, ever the consummate self-promoter was doing just that.

Take a look at this ad I saw yesterday in Modern Salon Magazine, at a salon, where I was getting a much needed pedi….Dream Catchers Extensions BY PARIS HILTON!!
Talk about product placement…..


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