I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE!! (I knew it)

In response to the embarassing losing of my car ina parking garage….Clearly I am not the only absent-minded, forgetful, sad creature in the world. We’re starting a club, in case you want to join….

This from Joanne…..
Loved your blog about you missing car. I went to Macy’s to try on a blouse. Upon returning to the fitting room, my blouse was missing. After causing quite a stir in that department, a very nice saleslady quietly led me back to the fitting room and found my blouse. I had gone into the wrong fitting room. My husband was laughing so hard. I did buy the blouse I had tried on.
(I mean, Joanne, you kinda had to after that….)

And this from Susan….

Yes, It has happened to me before. My sister lived in Vt for about 30 years. After my parents died, I always traveled with them with my 2 children, I decided that it would be easier to take the train to Randolph, VT and have my sister pick me up. So, I made reservations from BWI Station to Randolph Station. I parked in the BWI Station’s parking garage, huge! I made note of where I was parked and we boarded the train never to think about Bessie again. Well, 10 days later, I’m returning to BWI Station at midnight with an 8 year old and a 12 year old. We pay the parking tab at the machine and proceed to locate the car, ha ha ha! Midnight, in a parking garage, with luggage, with 2 young children and 30 minutes to find your car or be charged for another x amt of hrs. No Car! Okay lets start over, No Car! Okay, I know I wrote this down correctly, lets start over! No Car! I can’t believe I did this but I did, okay kids, you go this way, I’ll go that way and whoever finds the car gives a holler … Now I can’t find my kids! Midnight, in a parking garage, with the clock ticking and I can’t find my car or my kids!!! Yes, Panic does set in … now I can’t go home even if I do find my car because I’ve lost my kids and my husband will absolutely kill me … oh my, did someone take them … ??? … a taxi driver sees my distress and asks if he can help me … yeah, can you drive me around to find my car & my kids, he pulls off, no response, just gone … What I didn’t know was that there are several parts to this huge garage and my children had somehow gotten to the other part of the garage … they couldn’t hear me and I couldn’t hear them … I had just about given into my anxiety and tears when I heard a whispered shout … MOMMY! … Oh thank you God … keep hollering till I get to you please … then they were in another part of the garage that I couldn’t get to … how? Where? … my son, 12 years old, said wait there mom, I’ll come get you … and he was going to leave my daughter … NO … just tell me how and I”ll get there … we found the car within a minute or two of the 30 minute limit … and pulled out to come home and the heavens opened up so badly that you couldn’t see to drive … but drove I did … I wanted to get as far away from that train station as I could … back to White Marsh … where I don’t have to deal with a parking garage …
So you see, Donna, you’re not the only one to misplace your car (I even lost my children in the search!) … people do it every day … you just got caught! LOL …

Oh, Susan, quite the laugh out loud email…..thanks a bunch!!


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