Catty Replies…Meow!!

From Sue….
To Donna Hamilton–I love reading your blog. Your comments are so interesting and down to earth. I feel like I really know you. Yes, you can find a kitten by the side of the road. My daughter’s roomate’s mother found a very tiny little orange kitten who was very worse for the wear. She rescued him. Several thousand dollars later he is the king of the house for 2 twenty-four year old girls. He really rules the roost. He seems to be very grateful for the fact that he was rescued and came to a home where he is truly loved. Keep up the good work on WBAL. We love you.

Dear Sue, I love you too. And while I may seem down to earth, in truth I am wildly flighty. And maybe the fact Wild Kitty is so good is that he too is grateful, though it must be said, he’s a little less grateful than he used to be. And speaking of cats with personality, check out the ones on youtube!

This from Mary…
I read Donna Hamilton’s blog on the Cutest Cat with great interest. I need to point out to her; however, that the question of who is the cutest cat was resolved recently by the Howard County Cat Club, a no-kill cat shelter, with its Kitty Idol contest. Nice try though, Donna.

Hey, Mary….I don’t mean to “dis” either of the “winners”…they’re nice cats, but nowhere close to Wild Kitty…..I mean look at this picture! The dignity, the compassion, the raggedy right ear…..he has it all!
Oh, and the webmaster here at WBAL says his cats are cuter than mine. Puh-leez. I have challanged him to a Cute Cat-off. We’ll let you guys be the judge.

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