My Cat’s Cuter than Your Cat…really…

I know all of you probably have pets you share similar sentiments about….but these are the two that live in my world…..
Muffy is a slight calico…seriously she couldn’t weight more than six pounds. A finicky eater with a high metabolism(oh how I envy her), Muffy was brought home as kitten by my daughter several years ago, who claimed she found her by the side of the road.
“By the side of road, seriously, a lone kitten just sitting there?”, I asked incredulously, and suspiciously it must be said. I mean come on, can you imagine a kitten doing such a thing? Wouldn’t they just run away? But that was her story and she stuck to it, knowing full well I couldn’t turn away a found kitten!
We later came to learn Muffy was a barn kitten, born into a large litter at a the house of a friend of hers in the country. By then, it was too late. We loved Muffy.

then there’s Wild Kitty. A cat truly in a class by himself, WK came too us several years ago….we thought he was a feral cat, I mean really, a wild kitty.
But I always feel so sorry for these cats…it’s not easy surviving through a Maryland winter as a wild cat, foraging for something to eat. So, I started feeding him. And then I noticed he rubbed against my legs as I put him food down, he was soooo grateful. It startled me at first, but finally I scrounged the courage to try to pet his head. Out burst the rustiest, biggest purr you’ve ever heard. After the necessary neutering which stopped his spraying(yech), he has become the house favorite, a big lap cat that just loves to be loved. And he has a certain dignity about him don’t you think….like he’s seen some stuff to be sure, but he’s come out ON the other side and is a better cat for it
We tried calling him Boo, but it didn’t stick. His name for better or worse was, and is Wild Kitty.
And for Pete’s sake, please neuter your pets….there are so many animals put down each year because they have no homes! What a tragedy.


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