Dangerously Delicious…..

I was looking for an extraordinary dessert….something homey yet special..really really good but not snow-offey…not easy. And then I heard about Dangerously Delicious Pies.
Hmmmmm, now that sounds interesting. Went to the website, and found seemingly endless list of pies that they will happily make for you, in Federal Hill on Light Street, or in Bethany Beach….though that’s bit far.
A few of us perused the website,http://www.dangerouspies.com and someone who was looking over my shoulder said, “Dangerously Delicious? I’d call it Dangerously Expensive.”
And they had a point. I’ve never, ever paid anything close to $25 for a pie. $15, yes, but $25, no. That’s the price for a fruit pie like blueberry, (which I chose), or rhubarb, or raspberry, $20 for non-fruit pies like pumpkin, key lime, banana creme, lemon chess.
So I went into the store, picked up my ordered blueberry pie, which was still hot from the oven, thought seriously about getting a slice of the chocolate chess pie for the road…it looked dangerously chocolate, but resisted.

We cut it last night…..the consensus? We studied it critically, as none of us had ever eaten a 25 dollar pie….it sliced easily and well, the crust was yummy, didn’t crumble, the filling stayed put in the pie without any sign of gooey stuff to hold it together(how do they do that?), and the filling was made from tiny sweet, wild blueberries…where do they get them? OK, it was delicious.
As Scooter said, (a man never given to overstatement), “Well, if you’re gonna pay that kinda money for a pie, I reckon that’s the one.” Nuff said.


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