Has this Embarassment Ever Happened to You??

I’m betting it has not. Because I’ve lived all these years without it happening to me…but, here’s what happened.
I was shopping at Towsontown Centre…for graduation gifts, not that that is pertinent to the situation, but you might be curious(got some Crate and Barrel gift cards).
I had duly noted where I was parked, just in case. Blue….C4…no prob. But when I come out, my car IS NOT THERE. I walk up and down and up and down the aisles where I am SURE I have parked,(don’t they all blend together) and I can’t even call anyone, because like an idiot, I left my cell phone in my car, which I’ve lost.

After roaming around for a while, I am thinking, somebody interested in saving money no gas has stolen my car!! (I drive a hybrid…I know I know, sainthood.) And then, come on you are insane, no one steals a hybrid. But on the other hand, it’s not there.
So I go to the emergency call box…and a guy answers on the other end.
“Yes, can I help you?” You sure can, buddy, you guys have let my car get stolen….of course I don’t SAY that, but instead, ” Ummm, I think my car has been stolen…I’ve been looking for a while and it is not here.”
He actually sighs….sighs! Then as I try to tell him where I am, he says “We see you. We have a car on the way to help you find it.”
“I know where I parked”, I insist….”Really, I took note of the letters and number..C-4.”
“Someone is on their way, ma’am”.
And in no time at all, there he is…with a little smirk on his face. “I know you think I’m crazy”, I say as I climb in, “but I really do know where I parked my car!”
I am more than a little indignant.
“Ummmm, it’s easy to get confused here”, he replies, as though he is talking to someone who is more than just a little unstable.
He drives me to C-4 West….where the thing more horrible than my car being stolen happens…the guy is right. There is my little car, waiting for me, wondering where I have been all this time. Or maybe it didn’t care, just happy for a rest.
There’s nothing to say but mumble something like “Oh, I must have confused the east and west and come up an exit early…I’m so sorry…gee whiz…blah, blah blah.”
He of course, doesn’t care a flying fig for whatever sorry I’m mumbling…..he’s done his part of the play..delivered the crazy woman to her car. He does this every day. Every day!

There he goes….he’s already forgotten me, but I won’t forget him soon. And I’ll be more careful about where I park.


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