BLue Screen of Death

The blue screen of death is what I had gotten, according to the webmaster at….a good hyperlink I think…

I showed it to you in my last post, and clearly I’m not the only one who’s seen this ominous and kinda threatening screen. It came to me again last night, when we were trying to uninstall the Safari browser from Apple, newly released onto the Windows public.
Safari no likee being uninstalled. At all.
Pulling it’s thin lips back into an approximation of a smile, it said something like, “So you blithely summon me forth, only to think you can dismiss me the next day? That I’m just a cheap one night stand that didn’t go so well? Not so fast, my pretty.” Well, it was free.
And it proceeded to drag it’s talons across my hard drive….or at least I think that’s what went on. It all happened so fast.
OK, that’s a lie. This all took hours last night. However, after a night of being shut down, my laptop tells me this morning in a tired little voice, that it had recovered…again…from a serious error. I think that error was mine, and I feel bad about what I’ve put my Inspiron, Zippy, through.

Zippy has never been anything but good to me, and then I go and expose her to forces more powerful than both of us. To Zippy…I’m sorry….I was a careless, naive downloader, without knowing how much space I had left, or how you felt about it. And it’s not all about me….Can we start again? Can we??


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