Oprah touched a nerve today….hair. It is all about the hair. You do a great story, a great newscast, a great show….but if there’s something about your hair that’s off, it’s all for nothing. Nothing I tell you! Oprah had to address her flat hair issue that cropped up earlier in the season….yes, it was a rerun.

And sometimes, a hairstyle that looks fabulous in person, just doesn’t cut it in the studio. (Wow, did she just get out of bed? What happened to her hair?) So I knew that when I pulled my hair back into a bun, you’re tempting the fates. First thing viewers think when they see you, “Oh she cut her hair!” But then, they look a little longer and see, no, it’s not cut, it’s pulled back. By this time, you’ve missed the first couple of stories in the newscast and… see how it is.
But it has been soooooo hot, and with this heat and humidity, it’s not easy to have your hair looking its best. Any woman will tell you that, no matter what she does for a living.

And while I may get some negatory comments too, there was one waiting in my inbox before I even got off the air….

“Donna Hamilton’s new hairdo is absolutely wonderful. She looks stunning and much younger. Keep up the good work Donna. “

I appreciate that, I do….but as I pointed out to someone, older than what? I know, I know, I’m being too sensitive and I really like the stunning part…but we tend to parse compliments…actually, all women do. Someone tries to say something nice and all they get is, what did you mean by that?
Which…. gets me into another subject that I swore to myself I would not write about.
Which is…. IN PERSON YOU LOOK BETTER/THINNER/YOUNGER/PRETTIER. It’s too much to write about here….my next post.

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