Safari Melt-Down!

I had read so much about the much ballyhooed new Safari internet browser from Apple….now as many of you know, Safari has before now, been only for Mac owners. That wasn’t me. But when I heard about how Safari could now be used for Windows, and you could download it for free, and it was faster, greater, just the coolest thing ever….I thought, I want that!
SOOOOOO, I downloaded it….it seemed simple enough. But then my computer laptop just stopped working and after walking away from it while it was doing????????, an ominous blue screen appeared that I had never seen before. And it wasn’t sayiig how well things were going….something about kernal data and asking about new software I might have downloaded….oops.

And so I restarted my computer as instructed, and this screen appeared…..and then another one later saying my computer had recovered from a serious error. Thank goodness!! And really I have no idea if the download had anything to do with my roblem, but it does kinda make sense, as it happened RIGHT AFTER I DOWNLOADED!

Everything seems to be running normally now, but there that little blue Safari icon is still there(and like one expert pointed out does indeed look kinda like the Explorer icon), daring me to click on it and take my chances. And here’s the crazy thing…..I want to!
Safari loves me, Safari loves me not….Safari loves me…..loves me not…


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