Your recycling says a lot about you…..

OK, to be fair, just recycling at all says a lot about you. People I know and like don’t recycle…they say it’s too hard, or too inconvenient. Balderdash! Don’t you love the word balderdash?? Or as a Methodist minster of my childhood used to thunder regularly from the pulpit…Hogwash!
But let’s examine the piles of recycling that I saw in my neighborhood this week, shall we…no names of course. My neighbors recycle at about a 75% rate, I would estimate. Statewide for businesses and homes, it’s about 39 %. And how and what you recycle does say a lot about who you are. You can tell who has cats, who shops where…(Eddie’s of Roland Park-nice, I’ll be by for dinner…L.L. Bean, wannbeoutdoorsman….Williams and Somona, probably a wedding gift). It’s like a little archeological expedition.

You can see the haphazard recycler….just pile it out and let the pickup guys do their best…hey, good luck with that!
The super neat person…I wonder how long it took to get that so neatly bundled…..and what people read.

Clearly some people have no shame, putting the gossip mag on TOP!…Oh wait, that’s my recycling. But at least I put it in bins for the guys.
And I’ll be honest here, after we’ve had a party, and cans and bottles go out….I put all the extra wine bottles under the cat food cans and detergent jugs, thinking that someone nosey(like me), out for their morning constitutional will look in and think, “hmmmmm, they’re really putting the booze away”.
Oh, pleez, I’ll bet you do it too!!


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