Cut to Black.??…Cut it out!!

OK, lots of fans are feeling cheated by the controversial ending of The Sopranos…honestly, at first I thought my tv lost power or something, or someone made a mistake, but no…that cut to black? I felt a little deflated, even though I wasn’t a diehard fan of the show, I mean that was it? I expected something a little more, explosive.
But one viewer on the HBO chatboards had an interesting take on it. That Tony did die. His viewpoint of that, was that going to black..Tony saw nothing because he was dead.
Hmmmm…like I said, it was an idea I hadn’t heard before.
Or others called it a copout…But wouldn’t a real copout have been to do the predictable, bloody shootout at the end that everyone wanted?
This ending definitely leaves an air of mystery, it’s just that we all want everything tied up in nice neat if bloody wrappings at the end. It’s human nature to want to know how everything ended up! Ahhh, grasshopper, life isn’t like. Things don’t “end up”….things just keep rolling along, even in the world of the Sopranos!

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