The Roach Sack!

OK, it was my birthday this weekend…..a day I alternately look forward to and dread at the same time….if you know what I’m saying.
Oh, how old am I? Well, a little older than Ellen Degeneres, who just celebrated her 49th…and a little younger than Diane Sawyer who’s 60, and looking fabulous I must say. Of course, good lighting never hurts. So that gives you a nice range of where I am. That’s all I’m giving you.
This was the card my Mother sent me from Alabama….I’d seen it before but it is quite amusing, and so true, as women of all ages obsess over what they eat.

But it was what was on the inside of the card that made it memorable.
You may be wondering what on earth is “The Roach Sack”. And why wouldn’t you….but here’s the back story.
Roaches really shoud be the state bug of Alabama. They proliferate like…well, roaches, in warm climates, but my Mom has never had one(or so she claims), in her retirement home apartment.
Recently she went to a garage sale at their community room, and you can imagine the assortment of goods that elderly people living in apartments have drug there with them, only to discover that storage is a little more limited, and will I really use that hand-embroidered doily/tablecloth/bedspread/napkins/flotsam/jetsam STUFF that I’ve hung onto for so long? Um, probably not, so into the sale it goes.
My Mom, never one to pass up a bargain, bought several of these treasures…one sister got a tablecloth, a niece got a bedspread(surely a little cholorox will take out the stain, she says), and I got the doily/tiny tablecloth.
All these treasure were folded and put in a paper grocery bag for my Mom, and she hauled them home, and put them on the kitchen counter.
Later, she went in and there was a BIG roach crawling around. Horrified, she killed it with her walker(this I would have loved to have seen), but later came across another one!
Now, almost hysterical(she will call this an exageration), she called the front desk and asked that someone come immediately remove this “roach-ridden sack” from her home. They did. And them sprayed the kitchen. No more roaches.
All the offending purchases, which were probably fine all along, were rewashed and folded. No doubt the old grocery sack that had been home to a a nice roach family for a while, was the culprit.

So I now have the doily seen here…from the “roach sack”….a doily with a past. And I’m not sure what I’ll do ith it….Probably store it away in a closet eventurally, and one day I’ll put it in a garage sale, and someone else will pounce on it like Momma did….and so it goes.


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