The Story That Just Keeps on Giving, and Giving, and Giving…

Every once in a while in the news business a story comes along that that many peoople are interested in, and it more twists and turns than a good mystery novel. It’s the story that just keeps on giving, at least for our purposes.
And who could believe it when Paris Hilton of all people delivered the goods?
Bravely going to jail, somehow squeaking out of jail to mansion detention, then back in cop car, headed to court to face a judge’s wrath….”Oh, and by the way, not only are you headed back to the big house honey, you’ll be serving your entire 45 day sentence.” Ouch.
“MOM”, Paris cries out…”It’s not fair, it’s not fair”….as she is escorted out of the courtroom to begin serving her sentence.
Well, maybe it’s not. Perhaps, just perhaps, those who decided to let her out in the first place should have to serve the difference in the 23 and 45 days. It doesn’t seem quite fair that she should get a longer sentence for the sheriff’s bad decision that ended up with hideously bad publicity for the Callifornia legal system.
Sooooo, there she is having to do something she really does not want to do, probably for the first time in her life. Life has been composed of doing things Paris wants to do…and if she doesn’t want to do it, but it has to be done, then she finds someone else to do it. Except for this.
This thing, this 45 days in a jail cell with one hour outside the cell, which I’ll be honest, would be hard for me to do too, has to be done. By her.
Most of the rest of us have had plenty of times when we did things that just had to be done that were unpleasant….cleaning up big smelly messes, like dog poop on your bed, or waiting in line at the DMV, driving your kids all over town when you didn’t feel like it, working a job that you didn’t like, and worse. But all of those things Paris Hilton has never had to do. There was always, always someone else around to clean it, wait for it, drive it. So she may not have that little place you go to inside yourself, that little nugget of yourself that can do pretty much anything when it just has to be done.Know that place? Yeah, me too. And it’s vital to surviving in the real world.
Alas, I fear many of our kids today are somewhat like that. Have we have made life too easy, too pretty, too clean? I’m kinda guilty of it myself, though in Paris’ case, it may have left her without the survival tool she needs to get through a very real Simple Life in the Big House.
Gonna be a long, long 45 days.


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