A Mossy Rant

The no maintenance garden doesn’t exist in my mind, whether you’re talking about a small apartment balcony, a slightly larger townhouse garden or a massive lawn(especially a massive one-I hope you have a gardener)…I watched a show recently on HGTV, where this single mom had let her house and garden go to pot….not marijuana…you know, the old-fashioned going to pot, as in didn’t care for it. At all.

My front “lawn” is no lawn. After having tried for years and years to grow grass under big trees, who simply laugh at our efforts, think….moss. That’s right, green, furry, carpetlike moss. A hillside that grew the moss on its own planted the idea….hmmmm, it’s pretty, and soft, and green year round…why not moss?

Others caught onto this idea long idea (actually the Japanese centuries ago)….Moss Acres sells, what else, moss. Four kinds!
Moss is a low maintenance alternative to grass, and it is lovely in shady spots where grass just isn’t up too the task. And while it takes it’s water from the air, so no deep watering is required, it doesn’t like stuff on top of it, like leaves or pine needles. See? Maintenance, even for the low maintenance moss.
Or, you could do an edible landscape instead of a lawn. Seriously, instead of feeding your lawn, why not have your lawn feed you? It will be different, and your neighbors will look, but maybe they’ll be jealous. you can see one on Garden Rant. It’s a funny and useful garden website….I think you’ll like it.


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