Flotsam and Jetsam…

Actually the words flotsam and jetsam , mean discarded odds and ends, or cargo thrown overboard to lighten a ship in distress. Sooooooo, the following queries are neither being discarded, nor being thrown overboard…but they will lighten my email inbox….

Donna – I continue to enjoy reading your blog. Your pictures have really complimented many of your entries. Can you please share the name of your digital camera with us?

Well thanks Sue, I actually use the camera in my Sprint red razor phone! It does take pretty good pictures for a cell phone, I think. But it’s taken a little getting used to. For a long time, for every picture I took like picture #1, I got a couple like picture #2. Sigh…
I do have a real digital camera that would probably do a better job, but that would involve a whole new skill set….finding or buying the cord to download the pics to my computer….you know what I’m saying. I’m in a pattern that works for me.

I saw the piece done by Donna Hamilton about eyelash extension and was wondering if she really liked them and if they lasted??

Maria, I did like them very much and felt quite glamorous….had them done at About Faces in Canton. They start to fall out gradually by the two week point, and just fade away unless you go in for refills, which takes less time and money than the original lash extensions, but still it’s maintenance. So now I’m back to mascara and the occasional false lashes traditionally applied, when I have time!

Donna, I saw your segment Thursday night about the Hot Sauce Diet. It was great and I started it without the book. If you talk to the Doctor tell him that he is an idiot because the Gift Shop at the Hospital does not have copies because he forgot to give them any. You gave him a great promotion for the book and he forgot put them out so they could be sold. What a waste.
By the way, everyone is talking about the segment. Great job.

Dear Richard,
I shall at first opportunity, pass along to Dr. Antoniedes what an….idi…I mean how shortedsighted he was! Just kidding.
I know he’s very busy healing people and all, and probably just didn’t think about the gift shop. But I hope you found a copy…it is an interesting plan, and I’m happy you liked the segment. Hot sauce anyone?

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