What’s wrong with you Isabella Fiore?

This weekend my daughter was home to celebrate her 21st birthday…actually let me put it another way…she was home Friday night for her favorite cake and to collect her loot, then back to school where the real party began Saturday night.You know what I mean.
She took out her wallet, which was another birthday gift a couple of years ago, and all her cards fell out. She looked at me accusingly, as if I had done something to it, and said “I told you I needed a new wallet.”
Now, this wallet was bought in a day when I was more innocent and had no idea who Isabella Fiore was. And if you don’t know, let me enlighten you…a designer of higher end leather goods and purses….not the highest end, oh no. In the world of handbags and such I’ve come to learn, no price is too high.
So anyway, I bought her this wallet, which cost more than it should have in my modest opinion…$125.00…but it was very pretty, and I thought it would last a good while. Now the silk inside has shredded so it won’t hold her cards.
Now I was taught to be handy with a needle and thread, a skill I sadly rarely employ, but was inspired by the thought of having to pony up for a new wallet, and so I stitched up the inside. It worked pretty well I have to say, though my offspring’s comment was a suspicious “how long do you think that will last?”
I blithely replied that I thought it might last a goood while, with a little luck. She shrugged and put it back in her handbag….another birthday gift.
Oh, and my son was in for his sister’s birthday….now my cell phone charger is missing and my Advil. I texted him about the missing items…I know it’s easy to mistake onoe cell phone charger for another…he assures me doesn’t have it…there was no mention of the Advil.


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