Strawberries, Curry Garlic Sauce and Everything Else…

You know when strawberry season has begun….at all the farmer’s markets you start seeing baskets of real, honest to goodness strawberries…the kind that ripened on the vine, the kind that was picked yesterday, not a week ago green and shipped hundreds of miles.
And that was just what I found at the downtown farmer’s market, which takes place Sunday mornings beneath 1-83. It’s almost like a subterranean world, though you aren’t underground….but you are underneath the expressway, so while hundreds of shoppers in desperate need of fresh produce and cheese and flowers and barbecue stroll around, cars and trucks rumble by overhead, oblivious to the the little paradise below them.

Stumbled across the Old Style Sauce Company stand, that sells the most delicious garlic curry sauce….fabulous on chicken, and the very very nice man and his wife who make the sauces on the eastern shore, said I really should try it on salmon..cook it almost done, spread some sauce on the top and cook another couple of minutes. Sounds yummy….They also make a habanero paste that must be incendiary! You can email them at them to find out other places to get their sauces…

And of course there is some unbelieveably good smelling barbecue….this guy’s partner assured him I was really taking his picture, and just using the barbecue as an excuse….hmmmmmm, maybe I was….

If you like cheese, you’ll find all kinds…even some raw milk cheeses, and fresh mozzarella…one of my favorites.
Go to a farmer’s market. soon…the one downtown one Sunday…or the one in Towson on Thursdays, or Waverly on Saturdays…They’re all over the state!! And it’s really more than just shopping. It’s a happy gathering, people and their children and dogs…just like a marketplace should be.


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