birthday cake extraordinaire…..

There are a lot of birthday cakes out there, of every size and description, but if you’re looking for something really special and extra fabulous, look no further than the Baltimore Cupcake Company. They’re located in Federal Hill (and just opened a shop in Olney)….and I was turned on to their cupcakes several years ago by 11 News Mindy Basara. She used to live in Federal Hill, and loved popping by for a cupcake after work…oooooh, Mindy I know you miss those cupcakes!
Real buttercream frosting, the best I’ve ever had honestly, and it’s moist, real cake. When I say real cake…you know how some supermarket cake seem to be are mostly air? This birthday cake weighs a ton…seriously, at least five pounds of cake like my mother made(and I don’t).
And they can make all sorts of what they call Joi de Vivre, paper pennants saying happy birthday, little parasols, flowers, cake confetti…I had a little parasol to also put on the cake that I had saved from a previous birthday, but somehow our cat loved it too and made off with it…still haven’t found it. Luckily I had the paper flower, also made by them….
I’ve had one of their cutie-pie cupcake trees for a party, and several birthday cakes…they’re my daughter’s favorites. And mine.
We cut into this beauty last night for my daughter’s 21st birthday….yep, my baby is 21. Hard to believe really, that little girl has become a young woman, but there it is, and you wouldn’t have it any other way really. Happy birthday, baby girl!


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