What Were You Doing at Midnight???

Hey, that’s when I thought….my electricity rates just went up 50%!! I promptly turned off the lights….
Maybe a rise in rates will have us doing things the old fashioned way….like using solar power too dry our laundry….That’s what you see here. It looks like a tablecloth and could be used that way I guess, but it’s a blanket cover, for summer bed making. And I decided to dry it using the sun, which will accomplish the task in short order on a day like today, since the dryer is one of the biggest energy wasters in our homes today. Energy Star doesn’t even bother to rate them because they are all about the same in energy use.
When I was growing up in Alabama, we didn’t have a clothes dryer until I was 15 or so….but we did have a long two wire clothes line in the back yard, that was used constantly by my sisters and me, who were in charge of hanging the laundry to dry, winter and summer. And let me tell you, hanging wet wash in the cold winter, with bare fingers, is not a ton of fun. Sometimes it would freeze rather than dry….and of course the wires had to be wiped down before wash could be hung, because the wires would rust.
And then, one magic day, my uncle got a new clothes dryer and we got his old one! I still remember how amazed we were at the softness of things coming out of a dryer….there was no thought of how much energy it consumed, we just adored it.
Yet here I am, without a clothes line, laying stuff on the grass to dry….ahhhh, it all comes full circle, grasshopper!

Here’s a little detail on the blanket cover that has absolutely nothing to do with my electricity bill…I bought it while I was in China over ten years ago…they have some beautiful handwork things there….which I guess you can find here now. But it will probably need ironing, more’s the pity. Wonder how much energy the iron uses?


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