My New Summer Guilty Pleasure….

OK, here’s the truth. ever since The O.C. went off the air, there’s been a hole in my tv viewing. A hole in my tv soul…if there is such a thing.
I’ve been iso:
1. Beautiful settings.
2. Complicated, conflicted teenagers.
3. Sexy parents who have problems of their own, ok, so don’t bother me….
4. Twists and turns in the plot.
5. Nothing I have to give too much thought to.
6. A show my daughter and I can talk about, as in, “Can you believe what happened on Hidden Palms last night?!”

I think I’ve found my new show. Hidden Palms, on the CW Network at 8 PM. It’s by Kevin Williamson, of Dawson’s Creek fame. He knows complicated teens.
You’ve got a kid who’s fresh out of rehab after his Dad killed himself in front of the kid(so thoughtful, that father), a Mom who promptly marries the next meal ticket, another kid who blows up her garage, another one who seems perfect on the surface but CLEARLY has something dark going on…read, mystery, …a girl who likes to run through the sprinklers at night on the immaculately groomed golf course(bet the groundskeeper loves that), and the rest of the parents who are story lines waiting to be fleshed out. What’s not to like?
Oh, and it’s pretty…very very pretty. A great home decorating show if the fiction part doesn’t work out.
I think I like it…..Delicious, and guilty, like an Otterbein’s chocolate chip cookie, which I’m eating right now.

P.S. Tonight, another guilty summer pleasure to look forward to….The Starter Wife on USA Channel, starring Debra Messing of Will and Grace fame. When her husband tells her he’s leaving her, she describes all the things she has done for him so he didn’t have to do them and end with “And I did it all with PERFECT HAIR!!!”
I can relate… least to the part where you have to do it with perfect hair.
Time to make a color appt.


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