Just when Lindsay Lohan needs a parent…..

I have followed like many of you, what are called the “antics” of Lindsay Lohan. She’s such a cute girl, and seems to be a pretty talented actress….but here she is splashed across the covers of many, many newspapers and gossip magazines, either asleep or passed out in the front seat of a car.
“Lohan gives up the money shot” says an article in The Baltimore Sun, a fascinating look at how a picture like that(you wonder how on earth they are at the right moment at the right time…an inside job?), means big bucks to paparazzi agency X17.
And just when Lindsay Lohan needs her Mom and Dad to take her in hand and say, “OK young lady, something has to change and now”…they don’t really have a big say, in all probability. That’s the problem when a 20 year old makes more money than God.

My daughter turns 21 this week…she’s a college student and I haven’t had access to her medical records for a few years now….I’ve called her at 7 in the morning before, while trying to straighten out a prescription problem, when the person at Merck told me they couldn’t release any information without my daughter’ consent.
“Hey, guess who’s paying for this prescription?” I wanted to yell, but just meekly woke up my slumbering girl for a 3-way call to talk medicine.
Soooooo, she will soon be 21…an adult in every respect, but I still have a lot of clout with her. That is partly emotional…she really cares what I think,(most the time). That’s the carrot. And it’s also financial….she NEEDS us for money. That’s the big stick.
Lindsay’s parents don’t have that and haven’t for a long time. And not only do they not have the money stick, they may even be monetarily dependant on her for their own living.
And this my friends, is things get seriously mucked up. When your kid is a meal ticket, I don’t care how much you love them, it’s hard to separate the money forest from the money trees. Know what I mean?
Holy greenback, if you really tell your kid to stop it right now….they might just say, “Mom, you’re fired.”
Not a good situation for anyone. Certainly not for LL, who needs a strong Mom and Dad right now, more than she ever did.


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