Reading the obits……

I’m home today with a virus…the yucky kind…so I’ve had a little more time than usual to pore overr the obituaries. I think reading the obits is an aquired taste…you probably don’t do it when you’re in your 20s, unless you’re a little morbid…but as you get older, I don’t know if it’s that you get a whiff of your own mortality, or you just have more interest in someone’s life story, or both, but I often find them completely fascinating.
One earlier this week in The Sun, was about anesthesiologist John Wells who had died at the age of 92! He was the fourth of six children, grew up in Pimlico, took flute lessons from Jean-Pierre-Louis Rampal while stationed in France in WWII, built sailboats….you get it…an interesting life well lived.
And of course on the front page today, the death of former congressman Parren Mitchell…civil rights activist, Maryland’s first black congressman…that I knew, but I didn’t know he was a commissioned army office in WWII and received the Purple Heart.
Not everyone gets the big well-written obit, much less the front page of course. Sometimes it’s no more than a paragraph that has the challenge of summing up a life. And I have a theory, that anyone’s life….ansolutely anyone’s, is fascinating if you take the time to hear their story. And everyone has a story.

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