On this Memorial Day, Turn Down the Thermostat…

I have finally replaced all the old thermostats(I being a loosely used term for they)in my house, and with a big old fat BGE rate increase set to fall in place this Friday, it will help save a few bucks. In spite of your best efforts to remember to turn down the thermostat when you leave the house or go to bed, it’s easy to forget, and there it is…the whole system chugging away, heating or cooling for nobody. What a terrible waste, and a silly expense.
I’m a pretty frugal person really. I was brought up that way…my Mom would only run maybe four inches in the bathtub for our baths…when we would ask for more, she’d just say, “That’s plenty of water for a bath. Water costs money.”
And it does, and there are plenty of people who say one day, water will be more expensive than oil….which in spite of our pain at the gas pump these days, it’s still cheap. Too cheap for us to have really started taking conservation seriously.

I watched a sobering documentary this weekend….that really got me thinking. There are many experts in A Crude Awakening (on both sides of the political spectrum…and MD Congressman Roscoe Bartlett is quoted quite a few times) who say Americans especially, who slurp up 25 % of the world’s energy, yet only have 2% of the world’s oil reserves, are in for a rude shock down the road, and that the end of that oil-slicked road may be sooner than we think, unless some things change, pronto.
One expert says, “We Americans think our eyes are being gouged out paying $3.20 a gallon for gas.” He goes on to say that is 20 cents a cup! So we pay about 50 bucks a gallon for Starbucks coffee…..and do so happily, every day, yet the public is unwilling to pay the same or more for the very thing that keeps our society rolling merrily along. Hmmmmmmm. What’s wrong with this picture?
I dare you to rent and watch A Crude Awakening.

And while I’m at it( might a well really use my time on the soapbox fully), here’s a practical and cute little book I saw at HOMETOWN GIRL in Hampden,(OK, everything in the store is cute)….called 1001 Ways to Save the Earth.
It’s by Joanna Yarrow, a United Kingdom-based expert on sustainable living. The book is packed with tips that will inspire even veteran recyclers, like myself….

Here’s one….”Longer grass retains moisture better than short turf, so in hot weather, let your grass grow to at least 1&1/2″ before you cut it to avoid brown patches and unnecessary watering”.
So don’t cut the grass, turn down the thermostat, and try not to make a trip in the car today…. Happy Memorial Day!!


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