A Good Haircut….Priceless…

One of the things I have to make time for is a haircut….a good haircut. OK, sometimes I put it off a little longer than I should, but I get there eventurally. And I know many of you will agree with me, getting a really good cut is sometimes easier said than done. Over my lifetime, I’ve had a few, just a few, that left me horrified!
So when you find someone who does a great cut, you stick to them like glue, and hope they don’t leave town. For the last eight years or so, I’ve made a beeline for Chas in Federal Hill(I don’t think he knew I took this picture, sorry)….such a lovely man, I always enjoy his company, AND more importantly, I leave feeling really good about my hair. No small task, as I’m not that easy to please.
I told Chas that one time a couple of years ago, we were going out to dinner with friends….the man’s wife and I were in the backseat talking hair…who does yours, etc., your hair is so pretty, no yours is…you know the conversation.
When I said Chas cut my hair, her husband whipped his head around and exclaimed, “I’ve always wanted to meet someone who had their hair cut by Chas!”
I assured him that his quest was over.
Hair, especially when you work on tv, is a funny thing. I think one of the very first blogs I wrote was that it’s all about the hair. That no matter how great a newscast you do, or how fascinating a story you did, if your hair isn’t right, viewers don’t see anything but that. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE HAIR, SO IGNORE IT AT YOUR OWN PERIL. Fortunately, most people don’t live like that, but even in the non tv world, a good haircut is priceless. Thanks Chas!!


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