What’s on my nightstand, and my Netflix list

OK, this movie I got from Netflix, was a hard sell at home. Twilight Samurai was made in 2002 by
Director Yoji Yamada…..about a poor Samurai in the last days of the Samurai warriors, trying to support his two young daughters and ailing elderly mother… struggling between caring for them and doing his duty as a Samurai….It’s touching, powerful and mesmerizing. Gorgeous scenery in China.
Even the skeptics watching with me, were silenced pretty soon….yes, there are subtitles.
We were talking about subtitles yesterday at work. One person said he just COULD NOT watch anything with them, and another photog agreed with me that after a few minutes, you forget you’re even reading subtitles! Just try it….I’d love too know what you think about this film.

What I’m reading…just finished it actually, is Cormac McCarthy’s THE ROAD. Yeah I know, Oprah picked it a good while ago, but I never read it then, OK? So now, it’s Donna’s pick.
It was a little hard to get into at first, but once you do, what a harrowing tale of survival in the world, after the apocalypse. Sobering, thought provoking, and frightening fiction.
But a reminder what a fine, fine line there is between civilization and chaos. And sometimes things can’t be made right again. You won’t quickly forget this father and son….or the scary world they live in.
Oh, and I forgot to say I’m not just watching artsy, foreign movies, though it does sound tres cool…I also loved the finale for Heroes, one the most imaginative tv shows to come along in a great while. Watched the finale for Dancing with the Stars…..that was a toss up, but I kinda wanted Joey Fatone to win…And what’s with Apolo Anton Ohno thanking everyone but the partner who got him where he was last night after winning?? And I think he said, he had learned a lot from himself?
Luckily the host prompted him saying,”And do you want to say something to Julianne?”
Apolo, Apolo…..have you no manners?


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