Proof I’ve done something right!!

This weekend, my daughter had been back home from college for a few days, and was then in the process of packing up again, to head back for summer classes. It wasn’t that long ago, I would be asking, “Have you washed your clothes?”, “got your medicine?”, “Don’t forget the toiletries”.

I found this list she had made….without my prompting, by the way. And it pretty much covered the bases. My baby girl, making lists!!
It’s one of those signs we see along the way, they are doing pretty darn well on their own, and don’t need constant reminding and intervention. As many parents who have passed before me in this will agree, this is both happy and sad. Happy because it’s one less thing to worry about, and sad, because….she doesn’t need me anymore!
I know that’s not true, that she does need me in many ways.
1. Money….this can’t be overstated, as she has none.
2. Emotional support….she still needs to be talked off the roof sometimes, but not as often.
3.Muscle power…who else will help haul her stuff to the car?
So, our relationship is changing, and that’s for the good. We have begun the transition from parent-child relationship to friends. We won’t be there for a while, but I think we will be one day. When she doesn’t need my intervention anymore, I want to be able to NOT give advice, and be her mother always, but also her friend.
My late Mother-in-law Shirley amazed me. She never gave advice to her adult children or their spouses…unless you asked her. Seriously, never. And even then, she didn’t like it. She treated me as a good friend, and I so enjoyed her company, and still miss her.
But she gave me a gift that I hope to pass along…being the non-meddling Mom.


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