Well shod, on and off the track!!

For those of you who don’t really get horse racing, and the thrill involved….and not just when there’s money involved…for the real thrill of seeing magnificent animals blast around a track, check out the “race of the century”, the 1938 race between Triple Crown winner War Admiral and crooked-legged, poor man’s horse Seabiscuit, on youtube.
If that doesn’t give you chills, try watching Street Sense’ victory at the Kentucky Derby this year. If you didn’t catch it live, you can also see that on youtube he comes from 19th place, to win. That’s some horse. And how could you not fall in love with Street’s jockey, Calvin Borel, who dropped out of school in the 8th grade to ride horses…cleaned out stalls, did whatever, and appears this year in the Winner’s Circle at the Derby, tears streaming down his face,as he explains what the win means to him. Love that man….

As always, WHAT TO WEAR, looms large if you’re a woman going to the Preakness…unless you’re in the infield, then really, a t-shirt, jeans and sunscreen is all you need.
These are the shoes I’m planning an outfit around….I love them. Fortunately, I won’t be walking around too much during our broadcast from 2-5 PM, otherwsie I might have to rethink them…the heels are from hell, but hey, it’s Preakness.
Add a black and white mini-check skirt, yellow jacket, black and yellow hat…I’m done. Now let’s pray it doesn’t rain. Because let me tell you , I’ve covered the Preakness when the weather is pleasant, extremely hot, extremely cold, and extremely wet, and hands down, pleasant is the best. Otherwise it can be an endurance test.
Maybe I’ll see you there!
Oh, and if you’ve never read Laura Hillenbrand’s book Seabiscuit”An American Legend, it’s time and never a better weekend to start it!!


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