Where I Wish I Was Right Now…Kind of…

Ever find yourself sailing along and then you see something that reminds you of a great trip, and you feel all sad that you’re not living it right now? That happened to me this morning….when I was cleaning out my disc with pictures from my cellphone, and came across this one.
I had walked to the beach that day (this March) on Isle of Palms, by myself, with a book and a beach chair. Such a beautiful day, warm but not hot, and so incredibly peaceful…just one of those really fine moments in life. So I stretched out my arm as far as I could reach, hoped I was pointing the camera at me, and snapped the picture.
It captures a really nice memory, that of course, one cannot recapture. It’s gone, except in memory. But hopefully there will be others, just as nice, and maybe not too far away.
Oh, and incidentally, I don’t really want to be “on the beach”, which a euphemism in this business and others I suppose, for being unemployed. Yikes! No vacations then…


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