Addendum to "Never" Doing Another Garden Blog

Wow, what little willpower I have, but here’s the thing. Thursday Oprah did a whole show on gardening and your “outside environment”, and how important it is to how you feel. They decorated and planted people’s balconies and constructed “gardens in a box”… now I feel emboldened to write more my garden, on which I have worked very hard!! Here’s the thing….I’m sure Oprah does have gorgeous gardens at all her various homes, but I’m also quite sure she hasn’t created them and doesn’t maintain them. You can only be in one home at a time, and honestly, I just don’t see her as a gardener. Why should she…just sit back and enjoy the loveliness. What’s not to like?

But for the rest of us, it’s work. And while you wouldn’t believe me if I told you I built this pretty stone retaining wall…which I didn’t….I did plant it. Love the irises this time of year(or flags, as a Brit friend calls them), against the cool gray of the Lamb’s Ear.
And I spend a good chunk of time in the spring and summer on making my “outside environment” pretty to look at. I’m not alone. Jennifer Franciotti came in yesterday, pea green over my $11.99 peonies. She also is a peony lover and bought one for…..get this….$50!! Ouch. Hope her husband doesn’t read my blog.
Another garden lover emailed me…this from Nicole….

I really enjoy reading your web log! It’s nice to see someone else’s perspective on things.
You are proud of your peonies in your garden? It’s the same with the roses in mine. I’ve come to love roses, but were so afraid to grow them myself (I have a proverbial ‘brown thumb’). I found the right kinds of roses (very hardy kind), and I am STUNNED how beautiful they are coming up in my garden!!! I also love picking blooms, knowing they are from my garden.
Keep up the good work, and again .. really cool web log!”

Ahhhh, Nicole, I’m blushing, about the shade of another peony about to bloom.


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