Peonies, finally….

How do you say peonies? Pee‘-oh-nees, like me? Or Pee-OH‘-nees like my Mother? However you say it….I am proud to announce I am now growing them in my garden.
I swear, this will be the last garden blog….at least for a long time. But I just had to share this because it is so exciting for me. I know, I know, get a life…..
Let me explain. My neighbor has loads of peonies, just across the picket fence that separates our yards. I love them. They bloom late May, early June…soooo beautiful, so fragrant, but they’re not mine. The woman who actually planted the peonies, Libby, now lives in a house down the street, and she would always say, “Oh cut as many as you want Donna”…..and they make the best bouquets.
However, the people who live there now, have never extended the same invitation, and really, why should they? So, I have been peony-less.
Until this spring, at Lowe’s, God bless them, they had full grown peonies, full of blooms, waiting to open, for 12 bucks each!! Not believing my good fortune, I loaded up and put them on MY side of the fence. Take that.
And now I can cut my own peonies….yes, my back hurts from putting them in, but a little ibuprofen will put that right. I’ll just sit back and enjoy the beauty….the picture above are the first blossoms to open. Even though I had nothing to do with it, I just feel so proud!!


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