Life’s Little Uncertainties..and Big…

Several tragic,fatal accidents we have covered on the news as of late, have made me a little more philosophical about life, and how it can suddenly come crashing down around you.
The terrible crash on the Bay Bridge last week….too awful to comtemplate, really. People innocently driving along, when the unthinkable happens. Suddenly there are cars and big tankers careening all around you, and you just hope to escape with your life. Some people did that day, and some did not. My heart goes out to all those families dealing with the grief and no doubt the anger, of why….why…were they there at that time, at that spot. Just a minute behind, or ahead, and they would have been fine…..but they were there. I’m not sure any of us can imagine how you cope with that kind of sorrow, until it is thrust upon you.
How do you prepare for something like….how do you guard against it? As far as I know, you can’t. Other than trying to live at least carefully if not cautiously, you just move on, and make sure when your loved ones leave the house, they know you love them. And accept that in this world, there is uncertainty that is unavoidable. That we don’t ever know what’s around the corner, in spite of our best efforts. The terrible accident. The bad diagnosis. The unexpected bad luck.
Could make you….morose, yes? But I’m trying to turn those feelings into appreciating the people and the life I have right now. Not hoping or wishing for something else to come along…living in the moment, and appreciating it for what it is.
You know, it’s so easy to say that, and so very hard to do.


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