The Anti-Mother’s Day??

Ok, you’re looking at some of the components of my Mother’s Day dinner. Let me explain….I will not see my son and daughter on the big day, and really, I’m ok ith it. Seriously. Even when my son called and left a message on my cell phone while I was at the movies saying “Um, hi Mom, early happy Mother’s Day….ummm…we’re gonna be in Pittsburgh this weekend(this is where his girlfriend’s parents live), we haven’t been there in a LONG time, but ummm, I’ll talk to you soon,have a great weekend.” Click.
Alright this is already sounding a little bitter, but truly, truly, I am fine with it.
And my daughter is in finals, at school, so of course she can’t come here, and just to be honest, even though I’d love to see both of them and would be thrilled if they were here…it’s nice to do whatever I want to do tomorrow. No big brunches out, waiting in lines, you know the drill.
So here, is the drill this year. One does have to be flexible.
We’re having friends over for dinner on Mother’s Day evening….friends who will also not be seeing their offspring. There are quite a group of us.
We will grill some London Broil, which was marinated in soy sauce, ginger and sugar….throw together a salad, heat up some Trader Joe’s garlic fries(yum), and for dessert, Trader Joe’s lava cakes, all chocolatey and gooey. We’ll eat on our back porch, laugh , talk and drink some good wine. A fine evening, even without our kids.

And what does the movie have to do with it all? Well….The Painted Veil is a film that my other half has successfully avoided for quite a while…each time I would try to see it at the Charles Theatre, he’s somehow manage to get us into another film. But on Mother’s Day weekend, it’s all over. We will see it…I gave birth to the kids after all. I think it’s worth The Painted Veil.
To all the mommas out there, happy Mother’s Day kiddoes!!


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