Blogging away at all hours of the night??

Evidentally there are those who think I blog in the wee hours, all bleary eyed. You can see from this picture, while it is breakfast time, it’s daylight! Dig those tropical pj’s.
I received the following query from Loretta….

“First I want to say how much we enjoy you as a reporter and really
enjoy your Blog. I noticed the blog is posted all hours. Do you
personally post it? Some are the wee hours in the morning. The other
thing I’m interested in is – Does Queen Elizabeth have a private Jet
something like Air Force One? Loretta”

Loretta, I can understand why you think that because the entries are posted at odd early morning hours that would make it seem like I have a serious problem with insomnia…..
But trust me, that is far from the truth. I usually post around 8 or 9 in the morning, or at least I try to… the only thing I can think is that the post catapults around the globe to Hawaii, where local time is about six hours earlier than here, to be posted. Wow, I never thought about the people who run being in paradise. Maybe they need some extra help…..
Oh, and Loretta, you wondered about how QEII travels….first of all with an entourage of about 35 people, including Foreign Office reps. And the Queen charters a British Airways Boeing 777.
But don’t think the Queen isn’t green…oh, she is. Evidentally this is the first time carbon dioxide emissions from their overseas fllights wll be offset, by spending money on environmentally friendly projects.
Her son Prince Charles is behind the “greening” of his Mum’s trips….a big environmentalist himself, he wanted to reduce the carbon footprint of an overseas flight…
What’s a carbon footprint? It’s the measure of impact human activities have on the environment in terms of greenhouse gases. What’s yours?


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