Garden and Gun!!????????

I was reading an article in The Sun this morning…yes that’s right, I still love the feeling of a newspaper in my fingers…I will never get used to reading the news online(or will I?), about the winners of the National Magazine Awards….New York Magazine, Departures, O, The Oprah Winfrey Magazine, National Geographic, Rolling Stone…all of which I am familiar with, won awards, as did some that are totally foreign…, McSweeney’s and Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists(seriously).
But the article reminded me of a new magazine my Gulf Shores sister Audrey had shown me when I was visiting a few weeks ago.
“Have you heard of Garden and Gun?”, she asked. “It’s a new magazine about the South.”
I seriously could not believe it…..”They named it Garden and GUN?”
This magazine debuted right before the Virgina Tech massacre. Wow, seriously bad timing. And come on, WHY would you want to name a magazine that….in 2007. It just seems …like bad taste..a little tacky. I’m not saying you can’t have articles about hunting and yes, guns….and they must have expected this reaction, because in the first edition of Garden and GUN, there is not one article about a gun…really !
OK….here’s the thing…it’s not a bad magazine.The first issue has Southern author Pat Conroy on the cover, looking all rumpled and prep at the same time, with his khaki parts rolled up. I guess they really worked on that look.
Inside, a interesting article about Ted Turner’s daughter’s totally green house…I mean mansion. It’s a BIG environmentally friendly house. Good for her.
Here’s what Garden and Gun has to say about itself….”In the 21st century American South, there is a breed of modern men and women whose mindset is at once old world and new.
Stewards of the land, they love the outdoors and long to conserve all that the favorable environment and climate affords them.
They seek a magazine that is contemporary yet classic, confident, sophisticated – a new kind of Southern magazine.”

Hmmmm…..what about guns?
Anyway, I’ve subscribed(mostly because I’m curious about what they plan to do with the thing and because for the first year, each issue is one buck.
Try getting Southern Living for that price!


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