Making Lily Pulitzer out of a mixed bag…

OK, for those of you who don’t know from Lily Pulitzer, let me enlighten you. Lily was a socialite, who became a designer in Palm Beach, famous for her brightly colored, tropical designs(very prep, ok?). Jackie Kennedy made her famous Classic Shift the dress to wear, and the brand is still very popular today after being revived in 1993, though it must be said, not everyone can wear those pants…or perhaps, shouldn’t.
Big bright pink, green and orange sailboats or flowers on the derriere…I just don’t know. Still, Lily has some very cute stuff…check it out.
ENOUGH! What I’m getting to is one of my gardens. Last fall I ordered and planted what I thought were pink bulbs. But when they came up this spring….pink and orange. I called the company and complained…they gave me a big fat “sorry”…but you know, I’ve come to like the results. With the bright pink and orange(the orange ones were a bit brighter but they’ve started to fade-sorry), and the spring green, it’s now my Lily Pulitzer garden. A bit Palm Beach for my back yard? Say this with a stiff jaw….”Oh my deah, how lovely!” There. You can sound like Lily Pulitzer too! Actually, I don’t have a clue what Lily Pulitzer sounds like, but I understandshe is living still in Palm Beach, in her home, which she calls “the jungle”! Can you imagine?


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