Charlie Obert’s Barn!!

OK, here’s something beautiful you’ve gotta see. Charlie Obert’s Barn. It’s a documentary now in the Maryland Film Festival, which runs today through Sunday….by my friend and former neighbor/fantastico phtographer Kurt Kolaja.
Now they are the folks who decamped for the Eastern Shore a few years back (without a backward glance, sob, but we’ve moved past it), and this doc is the story of a barn on his family farm in Pennsylvania…. a farm that had been in the family for generations, until it was suddenly sold by an uncle. Wham, bam, by-bye farm.
The new owners wanted the old barn, which had served faithfully for many years, GONE, NOW. So Kurt, trying to do his duty to family and in the interest of preserving a piece of history, begins the trek to find someone who can take it down and put it back up again, in the form of a house, on their property in Chestertown.
That fascinating, funny and beautifully captured tale, which involves a good bit of pain on the part of several people….Kurt’s Mom and wife included, can be seen Friday at 2PM(UB student center) and Saturday night at 9 PM at the MICA Brown Center(the big new modern building on Mt. Royal). Tickets are 10 bucks.
I hope you won’t miss it….along with lots of other super films availabe to you this weekend at the film festival.See you there


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