All roads lead to food and wine……

A long time friend, who used to be a neighbor but moved to the Eastern Shore a few years ago, called and said, “You have to come the the Food and Wine Festival in St. Michael’s”. Of course, Elise was gonna be there…she is the founder and editor of Chesapeake Foodie…..a beautiful and informative website with all things food and drink in Anne Arundel, Talbot and Queen Anne’s counties, but expanding. (She made the recipe for the Smoked Salmon Cheesecake that’s on the website and brought it to a party at my house…ohmigoodness, fabulous. Try it.)
If Elise says the festival is good, I know it is….and off we went.
You know how gorgeous the weather was Sunday….so that was right, and walking through tents, sipping wines from all over the world and sampling local delicacies didn’t hurt any either….
Ran across Sarah Engram there….she used to work for the Baltimore Sun, took their buyout about five years ago. I met Sarah maybe ten years ago, when we were both going on an Outward Bound invitational…a three day trip to…..”challenge ourselves”. Well, Sara got a different kind of challenge when she fell down the stairs after being fitted for a life jacket, and broke her ankle. Ouch. On the other hand, she didn’t have a cold wet weekend, using the potty in full view of everyone on the bow of the boat and sleeping on oars, either.
Now Sarah is part owner of tsp spices. These are gorgously boxed and tinned, fabu spices, in teaspoon size packets…so they stay fresh, instead of slowly drying into tastelessness on your spice rack. And they had a tray of Sweet Heat Brownies, made with their ancho chile pepper! Unbelieveably good…”brownies for grownups”, they called them. You can order spices and find the recipe on their website.
There were a couple of local cheesemakers there….met Holly Foster of Chapel’s Country Creamery in Easton…tried some of their cave aged cheeses, and took home of their delicious Chapel Cheddar. Talk about a woman doing it all…Holly said she had been milking their cows, just that morning!
And the guys from Firefly Farms from Bittinger Maryland…they are the purveyors of all things artisan goat cheese…which happens to be of my favorites. They even make a blue cheese chevre. Took home a log of their Buche Noire…a creamy smooth, ash coated chevre. Yummy.
Bread, cheese, wine, sunshine…all on the water. What’s not to like, really. I hope your weekend was good too!


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