Calling all Donna Hamiltons!!!

You may have seen Rob Roblin’s story this week at on 11 News at Five….If you didn’t, his story was about $580 million, in unclaimed cash and property sitting in State of Maryland funds, because it hasn’t been claimed by its rightful owners…75,000 othem.
Rob found his own name….he was understandably excited, but turns out the $150.00 actually belonged to his son, from an old paycheck he’d never picked up.
But more amazing, he has a friend, whose husband died a month or so ago, who saw the story yesterday. On the theory of why not try it….she typed in her husband’s name and discovered there was $900 in a safety deposit box, that she didn’t know about, and perhaps he just forgot about it. That’s a lot of money!
Sooooooo, why not? I typed in my husband’s name…..nothing……my son and daughter’s name….nada.
But when I typed in Donna Hamilton… popped up!! Eureka!! Could it be my lost fortune? Well if it is a lost fortune, it’s not mine. This Donna Hamilton lives, or lived, on Oak Hill Road. Where are you Donna? Your money or property is waiting for you….and here’s hoping it’s a nice, whopping sum of money. It would be nice for at least one Donna Hamilton to be stinking rich!!


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