Trying to maintain that post vacation feeling…..

You know what I’m talking about. That little sign that escapes you lips, when you’re thinking about lying by the pool, or having dinner on the balcony, overlooking the beach. But that’s not where you are….no indeed, you are at your desk, in the newsroom, Deborah Weiner is over there yelling something at me(doesn’t she know I’m writing an important blog?), in 15 minutes I have to go to makeup and once again attempt to transform into a more glamorous form….something I do NOT do on vaca.
Something that helped me maintain that beachy feeling today, is a new CD I have, entitled C`eU. She’s a singer from Sao Paulo…and the soft, mellow, distinctly tropical sounds are very, very nice and very, very necessary to maintain even the slightest hint of beach-mood.
Even now, I feel the sand and surf slipping away….away…..oh, who am I kidding. I’m not there anymore, OK? Just get over it, and move on.
There will be other vacations, maybe even better ones, but now I’m in a little bit of a funk. Not a big funk, just a little one.
Soon I will give you my recipe, as requested for shrimp and grits, and you too can feel like you’re on vacation too. And maybe soon you will be…even if it’s in your back yard….eating some shrimp and listening to C`eU……yeah, that’s the ticket.


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