morning in gulf shores….

It’s 8 AM in Gulf Shores Alabama…..I’m in a guest bedroom, on my sister’s computer….which is on dial-up by the way, so everything takes a while. But it’s the first chance I’ve had at a computer since Friday….we’ve been at the beach, computerless for the last couple of days.
It was a tough decision, leaving my laptop behind….I feel cut off somehow…can’t blog, can’t do any internet banking, but I really didn’t want to lug the thing along, and I knew my sisters would think it decidedly odd to bring a computer to the beach, soooooo, I didn’t take it.

This is a picture of Audrey(she’s so cute!)….yes I know, we look very much alike…So here I am now….Audrey is yelling from the kitchen, “Do you know where the butter is?”
“NO, I don’t,” I yell back….
“Do you think it ended up in Jan’s sack?”, she yells back….”I don’t know”, says me.
I know the butter issue will not please her. We all bring things to the beach…seriously, you’d think we were moving in for the seige, when we checked in at The Beach Club…a beautiful place out on Fort Morgan.
Enough foodstuffs to last a week…but our theory is, you never know what you’re gonna need, so bring it. All that, and we still had to go buy salt and pepper…but we had fresh coconut cake!
Anyway, all that food has to be split back up when the trip is over…you take back what you brought…..and now the butter, which my sister Jan will NEVER eat, is missing.
“All that long ride home in a hot car”, fumes Audrey.
And it is true, while Audrey and I do eat real butter…not all the time, but this weekend yes, and we made a killer shrimp and grits with it….Jan will not touch it. Sad, really. Not ever eating butter is just….sad, somehow,
“Oh, it’s here, I found it”, now shouts Audrey, triumphant that right wins out after all.
And we’ll have some butter for our toast on homemade bread…and then it’s off to Pensacola for the flight back home. Check you later…..and my sister now tells me I should tell you, that she doesn’t have as many “issues” as this makes her sound like she has. Well……

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