low maintenance houseguests…

Is there any such thing really? For the past few days, I’ve had a former neighbor friend from England, who lived in my neighborhood some years back, in for a visit. She hadn’t been here in a while, and wanted to see some old friends, so she’s been staying here.
I’ve loved having her, really. She is pretty low maintenance houseguest, as houseguests go….you know, she doesn’t expect to be entertained 24-7, iz helpful, and lots of fun to be around.
But she got me to thinking about high and low maintenance….she really is low maintenance….Jackie lives in a small village in England, works from home, so doesn’t get gussied up on a daily basis, spends lots of time mucking out the horse stalls…you get the picture. Low maintenance things about her that I cannot lay claim to: she has never colored her hair….doesn’t wear makeup on a daily basis…doesn’t have her eyebrows threaded….and would think an oxygen facial a strange and objectionable procedure(she’s wrong here).
But she agrees with me that I am, on a different level…pretty low maintenance, at least for a tv person. I do have to do all of the above, and more, to work on tv. It’s a visual business. You ignore how you look at your own peril, if you catch my drift.
But when I go home, I immediately peel off all that…get in comfy clothes, strip off the makeup, throw my hair up, heave a deep sigh, and relax. Really , really relax and enjoy cooking dinner, watching a little tv, reading …and if I’m feeling ambitious, I do laundry and clean the kitty litter.
Jackie is leaving tomorrow, headed back to the U.K….and so am I, for a “girl’s weekend” with my sisters in Alabama. Man, am I ready for some warm weather, so it makes sense that I’m heading south, just in time for it to get warm here! I’ll write from the road, if I can get my computer to work!


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