thoughts on a mass murder

We were all struggling yesterday to understand that which we never will…why a troubled 23 year old young man who clearly was out of sync with the rest of the world, would kill 32 classmates and teachers around him, seemingly without warning.
Even if Cho Seung-Hui were stannding right in front of us, to explain why, we still
wouldn’t understand it, because a rational person can rarely understand the acts of an irational person. It wouldn’t make any sense….We’ll never know.
Plenty of people are wondering if this could have been avoided….the answer is of course, yes….if someone had known it was coming. But minus that, IF psychiatric counseling had been pushed, not suggested for Cho, maybe IF his parents had been called in, maybe IF some kids around him had made him a friend….maybe, maybe, maybe. But we’ll never know.
The heartbreak of all the parents who lost children at Virginia Tech is unimaginable….and Cho’s poor arents can’t even grieve in public. Not only have they lost their child, he has done a hideous thing that has brought shame on their house. What a terrible thing….trying to comprehend your son, taking the lives of so many around him, and then, after the shooting stops, taking his own life. Part of the plan all along? We’ll never know.
I’m glad the sun is shining this morning, as the truth of what has happened really begins to sink in. God knows we need it.


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