Craziness at VA Tech has me reaching for the phone….

It’s impossible to imagine the horror that happened today at Virginia Tech. A lone gunman, possibly a student, though that’s not known yet, just opens fire on a classroom ful of students and a professor. As one student who was in the classroom said, and you understand what he meant…. “At first I thought it was a joke.”
Your mind cannot comprehend a terrible thing when it happens so suddenly and without warning. You try to make sense of it in those first awaful moments, and you can’t.
Until the truth begins to dawn…someone is shooting real bullets…at you.
My first thought? I reached for my cell phone to call my daughter, who is away at college….in Virginia, but not at Virginia Tech. My brain knew she wasn’t in danger, but my heart wanted to hear her sweet voice, to just reassure myself that she was indeed, ok. So when she didn’t answer my calls AND a text message, my imagination takes off. (I know, it sounds crazy, but other parents will know exactly what I mean.)
In this age of being able to reach people we care about, instantly…when you cannot reach them, you immediately start to wonder why. Why isn’t she answering? Why can’t she return a text message? What’s going on?
Of course, my daughter did call me 20 minutes or so later, totally oblivious to what was going on at a campus where she has friends.
But for all those parents who have children at VA Tech, or know someone there…..I’m sure they are caught in that hell of waiting to hear from their kids, and if they haven’t called, a very real fear sets in….one totally justified. Where are they? Why haven’t they returned my message? And while most will get that call reassuring them they’re fine, a few won’t.
What a terrible heartbreak, when that fear that seems silly in many instances, becomes your ongoing nightmare.
Are there others out there, who from a parent point of view…or that of the kid who gets the calls, get that panic mode we feel these days?


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