Tiny bubbles….

“Tiny bubbles in the wine, make me feel happy, make me feel fine”…..is a line in one of Don Ho’s most memorable songs. I just heard this afternoon, that he died yesterday in Waikiki at the age of 75, from heart failure.
That news took me back to 1986…..I was in Hawaii for Evening Magazine… for a week long shoot of shows we were calling “Hawaii to the Max”. Don’t ask me where the name came from….producer over-titling I suspect. But it was January weather back in Baltimore, and the crew was more than happy to spend a balmy week in paradise.
One of the stories we were getting was Don Ho….even then, a long time entertainer and a favorite son of Hawaii.
We drove from one side of Waikiki to the other, where his home was, right on the ocean. I met his wife Melva(who died in 1999) and, he was surrounded by kids. He had 10 of them!
The thing that struck me about Don Ho, was that he seemed truly at ease, and clearly was not a believer in stressing over things. We arrived at the appointed time, and waited quite a while for him to arrive. I didn’t mind…the setting was great, and let’s face it…HE was the star.
He explained that he just didn’t beieve in getting crazy over being places on time(presumably, that wasn’t true for his show at the Wikiki Beacomber)….and just didn’t worry about it…said life was too short.
He certainly had a point.
Life is too short for living in a constant state of agitation….much of it self-produced. Ho didn’t play that. He really lived that tiny bubbles state of mind.
I read he performed his last concert Thursday night, to a standing ovation. People loved him….no trip to Hawaii was complete without seeing him.
His website http://www.donho.com hasn’t yet registered his death. When you go there, you hear his familiar, sleepy voice crooning, (really the perfect word to describe his singing) his most famous song.
On his website, there is a link to Hoku…as in Hoku Ho….his 25 year old daughter! Had no idea she made the single, made famous in the movie Legally Blonde,…”Perfect Day”. I’ve always loved that song, and immediately downloaded it from Itunes….
Aloha Don Ho….and mahalo for everything.


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