Decompose the composite risk…huh?

Yesterday and today, I’ve been in Virginia, at a seminar put on for journalists by the Nationall Institutes of Health. Their goal….to get editors, reporters, producers, freelance writers and others to view more skeptically, the avalanche of new medical studies that come down the pike.
Sooooooooo, they’ve been trying to teach a bunch of liberal arts majors, all about multivariates, exposures, composite outcomes, confounding….things like that.
And we’re there because we want to be….but let me tell you yesterday was a very long day in the classroom, starting at 8 AM and we we’re through until about 9 last night. Yes, they did feed us. All our little non-mathmatical brains were fried.
And while I don’t think any of us probably got it all, we did get the principles of how to look at the information more critically, and decide, is this really important?
Or is it sloppy research….and there evidentally is more than a little of that.
So that’s what I’ve been doing the past couple of days….so when you see me next, if I look more wise, more…scholarly…it’s because I definitely am.
I mean, come on….can you decompose the composite risk? I didn’t think so.
Can I? I’ll never tell.


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